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Sloan Ranger Engineering offers complete A&E  services for fiber attachment projects and node sites with the fastest turnaround times in the industry!

Verifiable Results.
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O-Calc Pro Rendering
Pole Loading Analysis

We have an entire squad of highly experienced aerial engineers who crank out some serious output! If you are in need of pole loading calculations for your pole attachment projects, look no further. Our O-Calc Pro designers will help you significantly boost your production!

Sloan Ranger LLC has knocked out thousands of poles in the most challenging cities in the United States such as San Francisco. We are GO95/NESC experts who understand what it takes to obtain permits from companies such as AT&T and PG&E, as well as local municipalities. 

Stop wasting your time and money trying to figure this stuff out and let us handle it for you! 

Power Pole Aerial Data
Outside Plant Aerial Engineering & Data Collection

Our teams of Outside Plant Engineers are the best in the business. We truly believe we provide the highest quality data collection for pole loading and aerial engineering. Most members of our OSP squad are also highly experienced O-Calc Pro designers. We've essentially bridged the gap between Fielders and Pole Loaders.


Your engineers no longer have to worry (and complain!) about poor quality data collection by fielders. We provide GIS data, photo verifiable evidence, and use Digital Measurement Technology.

Our teams are located in Northern and Southern California.

Time is money, call us now to save both!

Man Using Smart Tablet Underground Data Collection
Make Ready Engineering (MRE)

Sloan Ranger LLC has highly qualified and experienced individuals who know how to attach 5G antennas and fiber on some of the most crowded and difficult poles. 

We've permitted hundreds of 5G sites and thousands of poles for some of the biggest players in the industry. 

One underrated talent we possess is the ability to navigate vague redlines/gigs from pole owners to make sure you can attach before space runs out!



Sloan Ranger is an American company located in Northern California that provides professional Aerial Engineering, Pole Loading Analysis, Design, and Data Collection throughout the United States. 

Our owner Gary Sloan has worked with some of the biggest players in the telecommunications industry. During this time he was able to observe and interact with the employees of various engineering firms and construction companies, learning to succeed where others have failed. 

Gary then began developing his own business processes by himself, leading to his friend jokingly calling him "The Sloan Ranger". Shortly thereafter, Sloan Ranger LLC was formed!


Our mission is to provide superior services by utilizing unique and innovative methods resulting in successful work product and long-term relationships.

Sloan Range Pole Loading Analysis and Data Collection logo


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